The key for distribution in southern Europe

Centro Logístico de Antequera is an industrial complex where you can find all activities related to Logistics, Transport and Delivery of Goods in its broadest sense, the best place for all companies wishing to work in an environment plenty of services.
Antequera, located alongside the A-92 highway, is placed in the geographical centre of Andalucía, because of its equidistant location from the major manufacturing and consumption centres.

The best opportunity for businessmen looking for success.

Centro Logístico de Antequera offers to national and international companies the one and only opportunity to establish their logistic activities and their headquarters, and to consolidate as the main Andalusian Business and Logistic Centre.
With an area of 540.000 m², it will have 229.057 m² area for modern industrial units and warehouses ready for logistic activities, and 10.908 m² for office and showrooms equiped with the ultimate in technological advances. In an environmental-friendly location, Antequera Logistic Centre also provides you a wide range of services that will help you on the development and growth of your business, and the best environment for your employees.

The area of 540.000 m², located between km. 150,54 and km. 151,44 in A-92 highway, is divided into portions as follows:

· Industrial units and warehouse: 229.057 m²
· Public garden area: 66.559 m²
· Garden area: 11.446 m²
· Hotel: 10.169 m²
· Car-Wash area: 7.937 m²
· Truck-Park area: 30.824 m²
· Office and showrooms: 10.908 m²
· Petrol Station: 6.683 m²
· Leisure and Services: 3.608 m²
· Social equipment: 5.710 m²
· Shopping Centre: 5.710 m²
· Sports Centre: 10.800 m²
· Roads: 140.591 m²